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                         Our yearly index of back issues from the menu minders, covering over 28 years of recipes and household hints, is here: Menu Minder Index.



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                         Many of the cookbooks from the earlier years (before the Menu Minders) which are full of "listener tested" recipes are available. Check 'em out!:

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                      A listener to the show sent us this lovely note and we would like to share it with you:

                      I’m a devoted listener. Hearing the different caller voices is great, the audience is diverse so each person is coming from an individual background life, that’s what makes the show so interesting and wonderful! Helping each other in a small way or a big way is everything. Information and humor and caring words are the reasons for calling to connect. Bob and Rob you have over these years brought a smile to many faces, a tear to many faces and “thinking thoughts” to many of us. Thank you for being you and being there. Have a great day,

                      Mary B.


                      "Do you have a common household problem you'd like solved?"

                      For over 57 years those words have introduced Detroit's biggest electronic backfence: "Ask Your Neighbor". Every morning, our "neighbors" have exchanged recipes and household hints, how to do it and where to get it problems on one of Detroit's oldest radio shows. What follows is information from and about our monthly publication "The Menu Minder" which contains recipes and household hints from the radio show, broadcast information, and hundreds of free recipes and household hints for you to download.


                      50 Years Of Ask Your Neighbor!

                      We have been broadcasting the program for over over 57 years here in Detroit. This is where we start you off with information on our broadcast of the "Ask Your Neighbor" radio program, some of the people we feature each week and, for your enjoyment, a bevy of free recipes and household hints for you to download.
                         Also there is contact information so you can e-mail, call or write to the program, and a chance to learn about our Menu Minder newsletter published each month with the recipes and hints shared by our listeners..."the neighbors".

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                      Bob & Rob Allison.


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                      Get all 7 remaining cookbooks for just $28.00 plus $3 dollars shipping.

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                      You can listen to the show between 9 and 11 A.M. ET, M-F

                      We are broadcasting the show live on the internet (as an MP3 stream) from the above link, 9:00 to 11:00 A.M., Eastern Time, Monday thru Friday.


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                      We understand that you can't listen live every day, or you're listening from a different time zone, so we are providing the last 10 radio shows (as an MP3 file) for you to download on your MP3 player or listen here at your convenience.

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                      Please Read Note Regarding Contact Us:

                         If you e-mail a question for the program, please indicate if you'll be LISTENING to the show for the answer. Let us know who you are, and what city or country you're writing from. Include as much information as you can. For example, "I have a stain on my carpet" doesn't tell us much.
                         What color carpet, what is it made of, and what kind of stain is it? What have you done to try and remove the stain already? Remember, it's your question being asked on the air so include as much detailed information as you can.

                      You can listen to the radio broadcast, the live internet stream of the show or listen to the last 10 shows on the archives for your question to be read...and to see if we get an answer from the neighbors for you.


                      Or you can write to Bob & Rob:
                        Bob Allison
                        21700 Northwestern Hwy., Suite 1190
                        Southfield, MI. 48075

                      Or call us:

                      WNZK office: (248) 557-3500

                      WNZK On-Air: (248) 557-3300 (only to be on the show - 9:00 - 11:00 AM, Eastern Time)


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